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Queerics Comp.

So. I've been urged to enter this competition ( for a heap of cool/awesome/queer things! So I am!

And to do so I have to answer one of the questions on the above site. I chose:

Which queer artist have you been listening to for the longest? How'd you discover them?

That would be Savage Garden because my Mum/Daniel listened to them all the time when I was little. I had to have been maybe... 8 or 9? The thing is, I never realised until I rediscovered them about 5 or 6 years ago that the lead singer was actually male ^.^" Lol.

And because I can, I want to answer this one too:

What band or musician do you most wish was queer?

DEFINITELY KAT-TUN!!! Because the entire band is in love with each other, obviously. They just need to be taught exactly what kind of love it is. And have massive public orgies for the sake of humanity :D

Okay. Is that all I have to do, cheshcan?
Tags: alyyyyyyssa made me do it, kat-tun, queerics pwns my soul
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